Dating a younger guy?

Dating someone when I am 29 and he is 27 seems OK. But when we both get older, wouldn't he be looking for a younger girl? I feel like it is inevitable, just the idea hurts me so much. Feel so insecure. Sometimes I think to break up just to avoid that moment to come.


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  • Now that's just crazy talk! There is a stereotype that men like younger women - and in some cases, that's true - but it's by no means the case for all guys.

    For a start, the age gap between you is positively miniscule. Two years is a big gap between the age of 12 and 14, but it's nothing in your late 20s and early 30s, and will diminish still further as you get older. Unless there are behavioural problems on top - for instance, he is far, far more immature than you, making his age an issue - I really wouldn't worry.

    Even if the age gap were bigger, it wouldn't necessarily be a problem. One of my best friends is married to a woman almost 10 years older than him. And he couldn't be happier. He used to be quite immature, but having someone older around to stabilize him and give him a bit of perspective has made him grow up into a truly admirable person.

    I honestly think you're worrying about nothing here. But you should maybe talk to your partner about how you feel. I'm sure he'll tease you about it a little! But hopefully that'll make you realize that you honestly have nothing to worry about.

    • Yes, but people are full of stereotypes, aren't they? And I am not an exception. I can't bring myself to go through this experience peacefully. I do a lot to look younger, it is a nightmare. And yes he teases me about all that efforts, like ' hey big sis, is it not a wrinkle you have here'?

    • I've got to be honest: your response speaks volumes to me. I think this has nothing to do with the 'age' issue and everything to do with the fact that you have a criminally low sense of self-esteem. At some level, you don't feel you deserve this guy. And you're WRONG, because you're a wonderful person who deserves to be happy. It might help to talk to someone about the issues you have with feeling 'unworthy'. My heart goes out to you, as I have been there and it is tough.


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  • Well I agree with Motocat about looking but not tasting. He doesn't have to cheat on you because you are slightly older than him. The age difference of two years was big when me and my little brother were like 4 and 6 he sat at home I went to big kid school now were in our 20s and two years matters very little. He's still my little brother of course but only because we were as kids. That's a little off subject but what I am trying to say is the age difference is tiny and if he wanted to date someone younger he would. Besides there is an appeal to a mature woman who isn't just for looking at who knows what she's doing. Yes I meant that in a dirty way but also in a non dirty way. A lot of men actually like intelligence and a woman who is competent at more than being a decoration. They actually want to be with someone who is an "equal" and someone that can relate to them because they are in a similiar age group/generation

  • Life has few guarantees.

    There is a 24+ year difference between my wife and myself. Uh, I'm older. :-)

    We made a conscious decision to stay married, no matter what.

    "Murder, maybe. Divorce, never."

    There have mostly ups and few downs, but we've been married 21 years.

    We both ventured and gained immensely!


    • Dead or divorced? so she is 40+ now? Aren't you worried, even a little bit?

  • Don't worry, be happy.

    If anything, it works the other way -- the younger you are, the more 2 years matters. As you get older, 2 years become a trifling insignificance.

    Unless you made a typo and meant 17, in which case you may be onto something.

    That said, make sure that the age (non) issue is really the root cause of your concerns.

  • 2 years really is nothing. I the guy and I'm 6 years younger currently and it's working out fine. I am very giving in the relationship and I do buy my Girlfriend sexy underwear or flowers fairly regularly and tell her how hot she is.Don't be so worried, as others have commented, 2 years will become even less of a gap the older you get

  • The healthy male will always be looking for pretty young girls! Instead of being so worried about it, why not accept it, and joke about it with him? Is it so bad to look, or even taste? If you are really nice, honest, healthy and fun to be around -- a normal guy will & can commit to you, even though he still is always looking. Looking at pretty girls is the second greatest pleasure in life.

    • Even taste? wwahh, how is that?

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    • Does not mean they will leave you or love you any less? What will mean it then? I can not be with a man who f*** other girls! Well, if the girl you go out with, cheats on you but still loves you, are you OK with it?

    • Well, I think if a girl "cheats" on you, it mean a lot more to her -- usually there are some serious problems with the relationship. With guys, you can have a perfect relationship, but he plays around with a cute kitty; it often means nothing to him, no more than petting a p**** you meet that crosses your path on the sidewalk.. I know these are generalizations, with many exceptions. I just want you and other girls to know that guys are differen in this -- don't worry to much.

  • A two year age difference is really nothing at your age.

  • Some guys, yes. All guys, no. You can't think about things like that in a relationship. Don't just feel like it is inevitable, think positive about it. Don't dwell on the negative.


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    Yeah! He's SOOOOOOOOO much younger than you! xD

    Oh...give me a break! :P

    2 freakin' years! Get back to me when you're dating someone 10 years younger...!

    • 10 years difference? when I am 40 he is 30? No, no can't even think about it. How many couples you know with that difference? and the real question is can it really work out?

    • Well...I know a few, but they're pretty old now...

      And they're all married, and happy. And although you can see the age difference clearly phisically speaking, they are happy and

      But that IS too much for me, but for some people, obviously is actually extreme, everything is relative.

  • i know how you feel...but its the other way around for me. I'm with this guy who is much, much older than me. 23 to be exact.but we really love eachother, but sometimes I wonder why is he so into me when were such different ages?