I don't understand, why ask for my number if you're not going to use it?

Can somebody pleaseeee elaborate on this? So this Monday that just passed, I was sitting in class waiting for it to start. I decided to get up and go to the bathroom. I'm almost there, until I hear "excuse me!". I turn around and this dude comes up, introduces himself, says how he's in my class, saw me walking out and wanted to get my number now since we can't really talk during class. He seemed like a decent guy so I gave it to him. He texts me before class starts saying who he was so I could save his number. And I texted back "ok, got it :)". Ever since then, he hasn't texted me or called me. I'm just like wtf? It's not a super big deal, but why make the effort to get up and follow me out the room to get my number and then don't even use it? Things like this is going to make me more reluctant to give out my number from now on O_o


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  • Well its something I NEED to do as well. I am terrible with women and need to do the age old pick up artist thing where you practice getting numbers. Its attraction practice basically. If she gives you your number, it shows you have something in the attraction department. Or like the other lady said, its a guy thing to see how many numbers they can get. Its an ego boost. So there are your probable reasons;)

    • Hmm... I guess... but I don't see the point of it. Why not do it ONLY with girls you actually want to talk to? I just wouldn't do that if I was a guy.

    • Because if you chat to girls that you want to talk to, you probably will make a friend (i. e. friendship zone), which you don't really want. You also practicing so you dont want a long term partner and all the crap that comes with that. You trying to attract and dating is a numbers game (in terms of hit or misses). A man will attract a minute few and be friendship zoned by a majority. So procedurally, if I get , say 2 numbers this month, and 4 numbers next, I am getting better at attracting women. 6 numbers and you doing well ha ha. But I don't want a friendship or a long term relationship, its just practice.


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  • Maybe he and his bros were just trying to see how many numbers they could get.

  • It's only been a few days. He's probably busy or dont wanna text u too quick.