My friend says this is a marriage proposal. I say no. What do you guys think?

I went to help my co worker wedding shopping, ( for her dress ) Nd I told my bf and he said nice try one on? I bet you would like beautiful, he wanted me to try one one. I told this to my friend she says he's hinting something,,, I say no. What's ur thoughts


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  • Hinting? Yes. Proposing? No.

    • I know it wasn't a proposal. I'm not that dumb. Didn't think it was a hint though lol

    • He could just be teasing but... that's a dangerous topic to tease a girl about lol


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  • It might be a hint but its not a proposal. He's got to gather the guts to get down on one knee and actually ask you properly. Just hinting and insinuating when it comes to really important things is how people misunderstand each other and leads to bad stuff...


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  • Why wouldn't he just ask you to marry him normally instead of asking if you tried something on lol

    • In other words was he hinting something

    • Maybe, if it were me personally I wouldn't take it as a hint, but I don't know him. Maybe he hints like that.