If I've been dating a guy for a month and half by the time valentines day comes, should I expect that we're going to hang out that day?

Would it be weird for us to acknowledge February 14th in some way together (plan a date or do something that weekend) or is a month and a half too early to acknowledge Valentine's day? Would it be weird/awkward to bring up making plans for it, or is it something we should celebrate?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Relationships can mature at different rates, so I would say the stage of your relationship is more important than how long you have been going out. If you guys are still casually dating I would not expect much for Valentine's day. However, if you guys have talked about and agreed to be exclusive to each other and you both plan on your relationship going somewhere long term, go ahead and plan something for V day.


What Girls Said 1

  • it kinda depends.. "dating" is different than being in a relationship. if you guys are in a relationship then definitely do vday plans if that is something both of you are in to... otherwise, just ask! vday means different thinks to different people.