Why does this guy wants me to admit to him that I love him?

Because he says that I won't ever get out of him. But I obviously don't want to get hurt either. I reither say it when I mean it.


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  • He is a coward.


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  • i dont quite understand the question but if i was asking a girl to admit she liked me its probably coz i like her back

    • We been only going out for what a month I think and yet he hasn't even took me on a real date or anything just watch movies at each others place have sex

    • im not gonna lie that annoys me coz I've seen this happen before how can you be going out if your not really going out please tell him to man up and take you out or pull he's trousers up besides dating and i mean proper dating is what keeps the relationship alive i adored taking my girlfriend out ( when i had one) we went out at least twice a week to a different place every time

  • you'll need to give more details about him and the relationship between you two if you wanna get a solid opinion.

    • Like we been going out for only two weeks. Kinda fast for love I think.

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