Should I date the bad girl, the good girl, or neither? I don't know what to do?

Ok so long story short. There's two girls that Im pretty sure like me. The one is really hot, flirty, and fun to be around but if we're being honest she's a little bit of a slut. The other one is not near as hot but she's a good girl, is a little shy, and would be the type of girl you would take home to mom. I'm torn because I want to date a good girl but I'm more attracted to the "bad girl" even though I know the "good girl" would be better for me. (If any of this even makes sense) Which one should I go after? Or should I just let both of them go and wait for someone else.


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  • if you want a real relationship, go for the the good girl. if you just want pure fun, go for the hot one.


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