I'm so conflicted. He's cute but is known for breaking girls hearts.. What should I do?

There is this guy at my work, very charming and extremely good looking, he is very into me and doesn't hide it.. Even before I started working there and was a costumer he would flirt and complement me nonstop. We only work together one day a week and then he can't seem to keep his eyes off me always talks really closely and says how beautiful I am. the problem is ge is a player, i never met someone like him he is constantly in a relationship but it never lasts for more than 3 months.. He is a big flirt and oeople at work keep telling me how he hurts girls abd warnd him to not mess with me. Today he asked me to go on a date with him and I was hesitant and said I'll think about it, he walked me where I needed to go after work and it was nice he was still teasing me and being really upfront, but I like him I'm just scared of being hurt.. What should I do?


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  • You should do what 90% of all humans do, listen to your genitals instead of your brain, get with the person, have them break your heart, and get left in the dust wondering how all of this happened and never realizing it's very much partially your fault for being a moron.

    Or, you can be the 10%, and actually use logic and reasoning and realize this is a stupid idea and that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing.


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  • just keep your guards up. don't fall for him if he hasn't given you a good reason too. be smart about it and have a good time.


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  • I think you should drop him. It's okay to be friends with him, though. But once you let him into a world of love with you, you're only asking to get heartbroken. Talk to him and conversate with him all you want, but go with your gut feeling if you know he's a player. I know you find him good looking, but trust me, looks can decieve you. I would know.

  • What's good looking got to do with it if he's an ass? Sorry, but girls who get themselves into these situations and end up getting hurt "because he's cute tho" are dumb and it's literally their own fault when they get hurt.
    Don't be dumb. Move on.

    • I'm not into him cause he's good looking.. He is genuinely a very interesting smart ambitious guy, and I can see us being really good together, I'm just scared of not being taken seriously and being hurt, and wondering if that is enough of a reason to turn him down even tho I am interested..

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    • OK thank you, I see your point and I do agree.. It was just confusing and yeh..

    • Good for you. And let me tell you from experience, sometimes it feels so much better turning down those players who think they can get any girl lol. It does feel kinda good letting them know it isn't you that's going to be one of those girls 😁