Women, I love to kiss, so, in your opinion what makes a guy a great kisser?

I love kissing, and making out, but, as women what defines a great kisser to you.


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  • I like soft kissing but when it turns into hardcore passionate kissing then I'm turned on. I like it when a guy wraps his arms around me tight and pulling me towards him.

    • I always kiss gently to begin with, but, always with great passion. I want to woman to feel my regard for her in the embrace of lips and not only excite her body, but touch her mind and heart


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  • I love kissing too. I think it's important to be soft at first, especially if you're kissing someone new. Like no tongue and not too much pressure. I'm recalling my very first kiss which was like that. I'm glad, because I've heard so many bad first kiss stories on this site!

    Tongue can be introduced when you're more familiar with kissing each other. Not too much of it though because it gets messy. I like the way my guy kisses me - passionate and sometimes a little aggressive, especially if he wants to go further.

  • I kissed a guy once whom practically tried to ate my face and attack me with his tongue. That was horrible and my friends now call him "Mr tongue".

    So, don't just stick your tongue in right away, and try to not swallow my face.

    • Good advice, but, I think it is impolite to use your tongue, unless your woman invites it in the kiss. I guess I am old fashioned in that regard

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    • @Bellibooo oooh, lol. We like that :-)

    • @TonyRyan I bet you do ;)

  • someone who kisses with passion, and i'm not talking about sexual passion, and not peck kisses, they make me feel like he is detached and not into it

    • I agree, I always think when you kiss you need to get lost in the woman, and make it feel that there is a soul stillness between you, where it is as if time stands still in that moment

  • Someone who doesn't open his mouth and put it over mine (I've been there..)
    I love guys who have a gentle touch but you feel they need you when they kiss.

    • That is a great take, making the woman feel they 'need you' when they kiss. As you allude it is through the gentleness in the kiss, but, i think the intimacy too

  • Kissing is making love to my mouth with yours, which means I want you to feel and respond to what is happening, your tongue should twist and turn with mine - licking and teasing my tongue with yours, pauses for gentle kisses on the lips, hands on my face or in my hair. My bf puts his finger in my mouth when we make out sometimes. It is SO sexy!

    Passion and lust is what is needed, not open mouth movement alone.

    • I think intimacy too, you need to make the woman feel that there is noone above her, and that you not only want her bad, but are so appreciative of all of her. A kiss tells so much to a woman, and can either make her tingle all over, or be very disappointed

    • Yep - it is very very intimate. I have been with my bf many many years now but we still love kissing each other, it's so quiet ans sensual and loving and turns me on so much!

    • when i am with a woman, i could make out all night, it is so touching, and a huge turn on

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