How should a girl proceed when her crush is very nice but she's not sure if he's interested?

We don't know each other very well but seem to have good chemistry. There's always smiley faces and "haha" included in our messages to one another. I got him a thank u gift once, and he replied with a thank u note saying "that's so sweet of u"


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  • Just ask him. But in an oblique way just in case he's one of those guys that would then act weird if he wasn't in to you. For example "Hey, I've been wondering, do guys really sometimes date their friends like for example would you consider dating me? if he says yes, then you're good to go. If he says no then you tell him it's a debate you've been having with your girlfriends and you're still good. Just remember to get it all out in one breath. If you pause, he might answer the first half then you'd be stuck ;)

    • Hana thanks but I think I'm not yet comfortable asking something like that since we are not close friends yet

    • Then that's the first thing you have to work on. Text him more often and get to know him first. Also it is good to know if he's single to begin with.