Help!!! I feel really bad about it?

I went on a date today and this is my first boyfriend. He was gonna kiss me and I backed away, three times. I gave him "a peck" on the cheek and it wasn't even that. It's not that I don't want to kiss him it's just I'm nervous considering the fact it is my first kiss. I feel like I'll mess up and I don't know what to do. I feel really crappy and awkward and mad at myself and ugh I don't know. Some advice please?

can I get some guy advice too pleasee
Also he said he loved me and I didn't say it back bc I think it's a deep word and strong and you should use it when you mean it and I don't know sigh fml


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  • Alright, because you wanted a guys opinion:

    First thought is that this guy isn't too bright. If the first kiss doesn't work cause she isn't interested you don't go storming the trenches 2 more times hoping to get lucky unless she says something different or changes something. Second, I think you played it pretty smart. If you're not comfortable kissing yet (you don't have to just because its a date), don't do it. If the guys going for it and you don't want it to get awkward after for not kissing him back, if you're comfortable with it you should just turn your head and take it on the cheek. (Would work on an older guy just be aware that he's inexperienced and may not pick up on the cues). Lastly, if this was a first date as it sounds, unless there's a large backstory we're missing he probably doesn't love you either. My guess, he was using it as a hail mary play (again read young and inexperienced) hoping he could use it to kiss you. My best advice, your right all along, it does mean something and don't commit to it until you're ready.

    Sorry for the novel, Cheers!


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  • Trust me. It's ok. My boyfriend asked me out 5 times before saying yes and rejected a kiss 4 times. Sure, you'll feel bad but just tell him you were nervous. And also wait for the right and intimate time for the very first lip kiss.

  • First off tell him that you don't feel comfortable with kissing yet. He should back away on his advances a little bit. It's okay dear, there is no "bad" kiss unless you're shoving your tongue down his throat , Haha. No need to rush into thing >w< There will be plenty of boyfriends and kisses. But even still you want to have a good first kiss because you will remember it forever.

  • Well you don't have to go and kiss any/every guy you date if you don't want to :P