Why is my boyfriend an @$$ around his best friend?

My bf works in the oilfield and is out of town a lot, so we try to spend as much together as we can when he is home. We made plans earlier in the week to go out last night with some friends to a special event. I asked what he wanted to do for dinner beforehand and never really got a response; he seemed preoccupied so I let him go so I could finish getting ready to go out. He comes to pick me up and is dead set on going to this particular place for dinner. Never really asked for my thoughts just said this is where we're going...(ok no big deal, whatever I know he likes this place). Well we're about two minutes from the restaurant when his phone rings and it's his bff asking how much longer before we get to the restaurant. He knows I'm not terribly fond of this friend, but I know it's his bff and I'm not going to change that. However, I was a little caught off guard and he could tell it bothered me. Once we got to dinner and he saw I was upset bc (in my girl mind I thought we were going to have a nice dinner just the two of us before we meet up with our other friends, bc I haven't seen him in a few days) he proceeds to mock everything I say and then took pictures of me and drew devil horns on my pic and then sent it out on snapchat. Am I wrong for being a bothered by his behavior? When he's with his other group of friends he is the sweet gentleman I know and fell for. But when he's with this particular guy he reverts back to being 15 again and acts like a child and they sit a giggle over the dumbest stuff. ** back story we dated in high school and were each others "first" and have kept in touch over the years and have finally had a chance to date each other again, as I thought adults.**


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  • That's a really tough question in all honesty. I know that if I ever hang out with both my gf and my friends, I do my best to please both parties. As in no, I don't take pictures of my gf and draw little devil horns on them, because that's kinda mean. But I can tell you why he's an @$$ around his best friend, and that's because they're best friends. The dynamic that guys have in a true bromance I'm gonna call it is very different than that of a girl with her bestie. While girls will sit in each other's room texting and snapping boys together, boys will be in the same room, playing COD or Battlefield and calling each other an amount of swear words that you could only find on a pirate's ship. That's probably why he's acting like a child around his best friend, because when he sees his best friend, he thinks "Oh, I can be a child again, because this guy gets it!" Hope that helped!


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  • You are right to be bothered by this. It seems guys dont pay attention to these little things that bother girls, and u were right to be expecting a nice dinner with the two of you.
    Boys will be boys, they're always childish when they're around other guys, thats who they are, i dont judge them tho. And he obviously wanted toseem "cool" around his friends. Ooor maybe hewas pissed at u for some reason which explains why 1) he invited his bff that he knows u hate and 2) he took a picture of u and drew horns.