What does this mean? Should I be somewhat offended?

I had a guy tell me that he loved me and that I was the perfect girl for him BUT that it is just not our time. He said that he is still young and want to live his life and have fun. So, what does that mean? I need an in-depth explanation, please.


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  • Should you be offended? No
    He's telling you in a different time you'd be the perfect girl for him but he's not willing to settle down now. He wants to have fun and live with no regrets.


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  • It means he wants to hoe around and does nt want you to get hurt while he's doing it. Also means he sees you as wifey material and just isn't ready for that yet. My suggestion, fuck him.


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  • It means he couldn't ask for a better girl than you but is not ready to be tied down to one girl yet. He wants to experience the single life longer because it could be his last chance. He's not ready to give up chasing women and to be loyal yet


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