Girls how would you like to be approached at bars?

ladies how would you like to be approached at bars


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  • Be flirty and confident. I went to a holiday resort with my best friend and her brother (same age) brought his friends. One of them (let's call him jake) was so attractive but not because of his looks (they weren't special at all) but instead was sexy because of his personality and behaviour. Eg. I kept my phone in my bra and when I took it out he would jokingly lick it (sounds weird but whatever ahha) and it made me feel so sexy and confident because he thought I was sexy which made him appear sexy hahaha. I kept turning him down saying like 'Yuck' and he would be so sexual when he spoke like he would send me a 'joking' text saying lets fuck in the bushes (knowing We wouldn't actually) and I would say 'hahaha grose no I would never' but it made me want to. One last example, he took my phone when I pulled it out of my bra and ran off and I had to go after him and get it so we were alone and it was so sexy being teased. So basically make her feel sexy and never use pick up lines or anything, just bring up sexual topics, play hard to get, tell her you had to see who this beautiful woman was (something along the lines of that). TRUST ME she may turn you down a lot but it will drive her crazy until eventually she will be putty in your hands. Side note: if she is serious when she turns you down DONT keep acting on it because that's harassment and we hate that shit :)


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  • depends i might wanna be just by myself but i wouldn't mind company. just don't come off too strong and you should be fine.

  • I've never gone, but i would probably say
    "be yourself" @EDMONDSON

    • (Y) no cheesy up lines, they're for losers

    • on the contrary, i think comedy is the best way to swoop in.

    • as long as you mean it jokingly.

      its bad to act like

      I've heard a quote somewhere, "do ou tell jokes to make people laugh or to make people think you are funny"
      you can kind of tell when people are doing something for approval. its often the people who dont intend to do something who end up with the desired result.
      reaping another conclusion, the best way to get out of the friend zone is to be their friend.

  • I dont...
    Only time i go to bars is after work for a quick drink to relax before heading home and then i usually dont like to be constantly hit on (kinda takes away from the whole relax thing lol).


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  • I'm no expert but when people say "be yourself" they're not lying