I ask does love still exist in today's society?

I am in my mid twenties and I thought love was like what I read that in the classic romance novels. But it's not like that at all... There are words I use to describe love which are pain, lust, torture, emotional abuse. Is this really that love that I learned from movies and books? Will a Prince Charming rescue me? No, I don't think so but why is it that I think of love as something grand and beautiful? I have this wall and I don't want to let anyone in because I know how painful love can be. I will be honest I have never been in love. I don't sleep around or believe in friends with benefits because I think I can still find a love that's pure and true. I am still waiting for him I guess... Waiting and hoping that maybe I can give my sort of love. That sort of love that's in fairy tales...

I just to rant... I am heart broken right now...


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  • My wife and I love each other. My son and his girlfriend love each other too.


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  • Yes it definitely does still exist, but it can be hard because it requires two people to fully commit to it. If one of them doesn't, it doesn't work. It's like a bridge, it requires two sides to be connected. If one side isn't connected, the whole bridge is ruined. And that can cause a lot of pain, because many people give it their all only to watch it all fall apart because of the other half, or sometimes even when nobody screwed up. It makes people bitter and scared to progress. You may just fail the first few times you try at it, but love does exist.

  • Sure Love exists, it is just hard to find. And while it can represent great pain, it can also make you feel amazing in all regards.

    Just be patient, and your time will come


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  • Okay just because you've had a couple bad experiences doesn't mean love isn't dead. Also books aren't reality most of the time (hence the word fiction). The truth is love isn't like the movies, it's not bells and fireworks and birds chirping, and everything being perfect. Love is sitting inside on a Friday night eating Chinese food and watching netflix yet not wanting to do anything else. Or lying in bed not even fcing each other but not wanting to be next to anyone other than them ever again. Love we face in reality is a lot more simple than nights in shining armoire. It just like being upset, is just an emotion, not an action or a moment or scene or chapter. Just a feeling like being happy, sad, angry, lonely. You just feel it. And I think movies and books are messing are girls up to think love is bells and whistles so that when they're in love they just think they're happy because they're expecting more. But love is a mixture of things it don't mean your happy, or sad or angry it means your in love and it's different for everyone. For some it's an unreturned love so it's bittersweet, for others it's mutual and warm. But for everyone love is an emotion that feels different depending ont he scenario