Guys, would you like "love coupons" for Valentine's Day?

I'm just starting to date a guy and I have always struggled with what to get guys for this holiday. I ran across "love coupons" and they are pretty cool. They are homemade and say things like "good for one back massage" or home cooked meal, car wash, etc. There are super sexual ones available, but it's too soon in my world. Is this something you would like to receive?


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  • Yeah, but not in the way that makes her feel like a slave. I don't wanna make her do stuff she doesn't want to, like sending her to wash the car, I think that's too much.
    I would like stuff like "Good for a breakfast in the bed", "Massage", "Dinner"... Something that benefits me, but that she also enjoys doing, something she really wants to do for me, not something she feels obligated to do.

    I hate taking advantage of people, so if I feel like I'm taking advantage of her, even if she was the one to offer, I will still feel bad.


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  • that is a flip or flop idea.
    it will either be sweet or seem serial killer crazy.
    run this idea by some friends and some trustable people.


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  • Guys don't care about Valentine's Day, you can just make it an easy day and please him sexually or be cool with him doing whatever but they don't get sentimental about gifts or romance.

  • I'm not a guy but I definitely find this cute :)