What do you Really look for in a Guy / Girl 😍 💑 ?

What do you look for in a guy or a girl , is it their looks, just for sex, their personality? absolutely anything i guess 😊 😊


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  • In this exact order:

    1. Open mindedness
    Ever tried to argue with a closed minded individual? Yeah, it sucks.

    2. Attractiveness
    Don't know why. I realize it's superficial, but I don't care, it's what I want.

    3. Kinkiness
    Worst fear: conforming to vanilla sex the rest of my life.

    4. Honesty and openness
    Obvious reasons.

    5. Artsiness
    Right brained people have many good attributes that I really appreciate.


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  • @linkywinky
    ^^I look for that.

  • Above all else, I look for a special amount of good-heartedness. It really is the most attractive feature for me.

    After that, I tend to gravitate toward women that are intelligent and have an artistic passion.

  • The attitude, if she approaches or welcomes me with a smile, the chance of getting a nice click is much much bigger when the smile is there!
    A babe with a neutral expression would probably lose the battle from the smiling sweetee :-)

  • I tend to fall for women that I can spend a great time with. I'm shy but with someone that I have an special connection is so easily for me to make them laugh etc...
    If time flies by and didn't realized it that's one for sure I will be interested.
    I like them to be artistic and that love to be in the beach as myself.

  • She has to be a good Christian girl with high morals with a heart of gold. She will never cheat on me or lie or be lazy, she has to cook and clean and help me out with the bills. She has to be very pretty not overweight and very upbeat, very nice to me and smile a lot and be athletic and wants to wrestle with me, go out camping see the world get up and go, don't nag at me give me space and always stick by my side and be very supportive of me.

  • I am wanting a girl that treats me well for a long term meaningful relationship. Sadly it feels like I am never going to get that since I am not liked.

    • aw dont think that, dont give up! 😊

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    • She was sitting when I did it and looked away when I did it. Did not really see her ass as she was sitting and when I looked up again she looked into my eyes and gave me a smirk/smile to let me know she enjoyed me doing it. I was like wow she has confidence to let me know she liked it.

    • Errm sorry if that sounded wrong.

  • I LOVE for chicks to be super affectionate to me to the point of them being clingy lol, to me that says they care lots ^_^, lol she got be able to share in my dark humor too, most importantly she has to be loyal, other than that i just need chemistry

    • yeah, sounds good :) i guess some people take clingy in different ways aye haha some love it and some dont :)

    • Haha I LOVE IT!😃

  • I first and foremost am attracted to a girl by her hair, face and body. I want her to be athletic or at least athletic looking. I dont want her to be wearing a lot of makeup. A little is chill, but I want her to be confident with the skin that she has! When I finally get the courage to talk to her, I want her to be able to hold a conversation with meaning and substance. I want her to be a smart cookie! Since I am a hopeless romantic, I want her to be a little clingy. And she's gotta be nice to me and treat me with the same respect that i treat her

  • media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/.../...854b6030d5b6.jpg Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom this.


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  • Combination of looks and personality
    I must be attracted to him but he need not be handsome or hot.
    He must be loyal

  • Sweet eyes, smile, and kind heart 😛😳