I told him I won't sleep with him. How do I get back in touch with him?

So I was at this club and met this really hot guy. He was funny and we danced a lot. I gave him my number.
He started getting very touchy. I told him straight up that I'm not going to sleep with him that night. He withdrew slowly, looked me in the eye, and said "watch this". He went up to another random girl, they started flirting, and then left the club together within 15 minutes.
He hasn't called me since.
Over the past fortnight, I saw him out with that girl twice. I think they're dating now? I don't know.
Is there any way I can get him back? Please help me, before it's too late.

Note: If you're wondering, I try not to be too easy when I meet a guy, as I don't know him, and also I don't want to come off as desperate. That's why I told him I wasn't going to bed with him that night.

I think he does like me, since he asked for my number and I think he wanted to make a point to me that he is in demand.. it's like he's dating the other girl just to show me that he's wanted. He did say "watch this" to me before just walking up to a random girl.. it's like he wants me to keep an eye on him and how great he is.


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  • Oh for crying out loud. There are plenty of other men out there, who would probably respect you more than he does.

    But to answer your question, if you wanted to get back in touch with him, do you have his number? Or did you just give your number hoping he'd call you? If you don't have his number, and since you seem to know where this guy hangs out (as you bumped into him twice), try and say hi to him if you see him again. Sure, the other girl might not like it. If he doesn't continue the conversation with you, then you know he's not interested in you, so forget about him. If you're brave enough, you can say "I'm still waiting for your missed call" lol - wouldn't recommend it though.

    But seriously, move on. Plenty of guys out there.
    Also, you might have learnt a lesson from this - hot guys (as you describe it) can get girls very easily. Often, many of them will have sex without hesitation. So if you want to stay in the game, you might have to forfeit your personal restrictions - but that's up for you to decide. These guys, my friend, are what people call douchebags.


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  • This is the problem with going to clubs and trying to meet someone to start a meaningful relationship. The one and only reason people go to clubs is to hook up and get laid, period! So when a guy is warming up to you at a club, yes, that is what he is thinking and what he wants. It sounded like you abruptly put the brakes on. No problem with that, I respect your decision, I feel the say way. But he may be have been thinking you where a tease and is certainly trying to show you up or teach you a lesson. Either way this isn't the type of guy you are looking for. This guy is a player looking for the next fuck buddy. Is that what you want? I say to forget him and move on.

  • This guy has a solid game plan to get laid, and it seems he knows how to play these games. So props to him.

    But if you just want to sleep with him, it won't be difficult. Just contact him and let him know you want the D. If you want something serious, find another guy.

    And he is not dating that chick, so don't worry about it.

  • Why would you want a guy like that? Clearly all he was interested in was hooking up. He made that clear when he said "watch this" and went right to another girl.
    Ugh I'll never understand girls and their need to want to try to go out with douchebags for guys.

    • it's a dream to meet a very hot guy who can make us laugh and has a great personality... it's chemistry.

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  • Wow girl!!! Why the hell would you want a guy like that? He's a fucking douche, he made the point that you're replaceable in a matter of seconds.
    Do better please.

  • What do you want him to be in touch with? If you're hoping for a date, he doesn't sound like a good guy. At least to me.