Cold tongue a turn off?

I made out with and ex-boyfriend, while we were stilling dating a while ago, he told me my tongue was cold but we liked it? I'm not sure if he say that because he was kind-of obligated to say or? I'm not sure if a cold tongue even exists? Anyway, I'm dating a new boy and I'm worried if we make out it would be a turn off and he wouldn't want to do it again.-.


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  • This guy I used to see had a cold tongue, I hated kissing him. It felt like a slug in my mouth

  • Did you eat a Popsicle beforehand? And no, I don't think he said it because he felt obligated to. If he didn't like it he wouldn't have mentioned it at all to you. It feels good to mix hot and cold. They compliment each other well in their complete oppositeness :)