Boyfriend talking to other girl? flirting actually?

Boyfriend and I have been together for 1 month. He is 2 years older and attends a different high school. Recently I was told by a friend that my boyfriend was talking to another girl, one who went to my school. I knew the girl, friend of a friend kinda thing, so I contacted her. She sent me screenshots of the messages between her and my boyfriend. One of them implying having sex with her without my knowledge. That's his kind of humor but still... He was calling her by names of endearment. I came to him about it and the one thing he won't do is lie. He was honest about it and wasn't doing a very sincere job of apologizing. That night, he came to my house and he was much more sincere and assured me it won't happen again. He communicated with me and told me he wouldn't talk to the girl anymore or any girl in that way. He told me he didn't know what he was thinking. This was this past week and since then I've been going crazy checking his social media and everything. I just really care about him. I'm trying to give him a second chance, but is it okay to be this crazy about it? I get very jealous and protective now. How do I regain trust..


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  • You've only been dating s month and he's already cheating or planning to cheat? Drop him now, it will save you the pain for later I promise you.


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  • He can't be trusted he will cheat that's a big red flag. Just dump him.