Met on Tinder, Made out on the 1st date, Hasn't called today?

This is going to be a super long story, about a week ago I was convinced by a friend to join Tinder. It was comical and enjoyable to chat with random people! I met this one guy on there though and we chatted a little bit, he then told me to text him, so I did. This guy is a singer songwriter so he has been touring around a lot. He asked me about making plans on the 13th of Feb because he would be home. He sent a text and asked about hanging out this weekend, so he came over yesterday around 6pm, and didn't leave until about 3am! It was the cutest date I have ever been on in my life, he packed his acoustic and sung and played to me all night and then we had tea and talked. We meditated later on in the night, and then he kissed me. The one kiss turned into a full on make out session lasting a couple hours! There was so much chemistry between us and he kept saying how much he liked me etc. Was the makeout too much for the first date? Im really paranoid now because he hasn't texted or called today at all... Am i just overreacting (i hope so)

(We are both 21 by the way)


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  • Tinder is literally a hookup app so don't be surprised if he (or any other guys you decide to meet up with) won't contact you anymore.
    Anyway, maybe he's busy or doesn't want to be too clingy or w/e, so you could give him a few more days. And if you feel like it, YOU could always call HIM.


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  • That's scary.


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  • Yep too much it happened to me more than once

  • well if he hasn't texted u all day that means maybe he's busy which i doubt or possibly just lost interest. why don't u try texting him and see how he responds.