How can I trust him? do you think this isn't right?

I've been dating this guy for a little over a month now, and he's really into me. he's so affectionate when were together, we joke, play around, he's constantly playing with my hair. its great! he's introduced me to his friends and they all like me.

but he spends a lot of time with his guy friends, like a lot of time, and he's very bad at texting. Last night we were chatting and he suddenly said that he would text me later and that he was sorry, but he never texted me back, although he was still on Facebook and liking people on instagram. i knew he was out with his friends. he apologised again today but then he did the same the same thing (it was Super Bowl Sunday though and he was with all his friends) .

he's told me he's a bad texter and apologised in person, and i know he likes me and just me, but to be honest every time he does this i have no idea what he's doing with his guy friends and i overthink and freak out.

he has a really good friend who i trust who says that she's pretty sure that he's a trustful guy and a genuine guy but I'm not too sure :(

we are going on a date tomorrow so should i talk about it to him then?

please help.. this is wrecking my brain


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  • I think it's normal. He's with his friends so he's going to give them his attention at the time. Gotta let your man have bro time! I don't think you have to worry about trusting him in my opinion. And to get your mind off of it, you can think about how great it'll be to see him on your guys' date tomorrow ;)


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  • ... he is out with his friends, not sleeping with random women. So who cares? Please, don't be needy. It's a turn off for most guys and he will pull away if you don't stop.

    • yea i guess your right :/

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    • but how hard is it to just flick a text now and then? or do you think thats normal !

    • message me? it'll be easier to talk there than here

  • Talk to him abut it then.


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  • You seriously have trust issues! Are you scared he's secretly gay or something? You can't be by the side of your guy 24/7 that never happens even if you are married to the guy. So calm down or else its not going to last very long.

  • I feel the same but I think u should give him the benefit of the doubt first.. remember u have to build trust first and to ask him that will make him think you don't trust him and its too early in the relationship for that

    • yea your right it is way to early :/

    • Trust me I know exactly how you feel...😩kind of doing with the same thing