I'm not ugly and bitchy, why am I single?

I really don't know why I'm single. I don't think I'm ugly. 5 at the least. I have a lot of best friends which I think it means I'm not a horrible person. Why most of the guys I go on date with only want sex? I don't wear revealing clothes, I don't talk about sex. What do you guys think could make someone single?



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  • because it takes more than that to not be single?

    • Please elaborate

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    • I feel that I always show interest at the right time with the right amount. But I don't know if it's too subtle that they can't tell. How do I know that?

    • that could be a problem, you might think you're giving off an obvious enough signal but for the guy it might not even be close to enough. at this point you just have to try and keep making effort but be quick about it. wait too long and he may lose interest thinking he is just a friend. get comfortable with being uncomfortable and sometimes just go for it, if its really worth it to you cause you're not gonna know if he is catching your signals for what they are or not unless he reciprocates in the most obvious way.


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  • Is being single a curse? why are you unhappy of being single? you will get the right guy.. until that enjoy your bachelor life..
    Life is not always about love and relationships.. it is beyond that.. enjoy the world :)

    • It's not. But I start to wonder if there's something wrong with me and if there are things about myself I need to improve. I'm actually very independent, I can feel content with my own company. But sometimes, I want to feel more than that. Especially now that my best friends are getting married

    • You can always talk to your best friends about if there is anything you can change about yourself.. but its always better to stay yourself.. change will stay for sometime.. change can be implemented for life.. that is what i believe.. :)

  • Because it's not about being a good person or a bad person, it's about something else. I don't know what it is yet, but i'll find out eventually. Hopefully not too late.


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  • Not finding the right guy/girl for you yet. I know that answer probably doesn't help, but if I knew how to find the right guy/girl on the first try, trust me I would do it too lol.

    • Awh lol *virtualhi5* but thanks though! :-)

  • Do you actually go out and try to meet men, or do you just sit around and expect them to want you? Girls have to put in effort as well. You can't expect men to only make the moves. Go out and meet guys.

    • I actually have. Umm I feel that it's hard to make it to the 4th date