Am I being too available for this girl?

Been talking to this girl for just about a month now (we work/live about an 30mins from each other) and at the beginning I asked her to hang out and she countered to another weekend--we had a great time and have hung out 5 times now--each time we spend the night at each other's place. What I'm concerned with is that ever since the first time I asked her out she has been the one asking me out and each time I've said yes I'm free. I'm worried that I'm being too available and that it will eventually lead to her thinking I'm smothering her. We have plans to hang out again in 2 weeks but she has mentioned that she wants to hang out before then. We just spent Friday and Saturday night together so do I just hold off on asking her out this week to give the sense that I'm too busy and play the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" card or just bite the bullet and ask her out?


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  • if she's the one that keeps asking you than clearly she wants to spend all this time with you. If you were the one who keeps making frequent requests and she starts to pull away, only then would I be concerned. :)


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  • well does she actually want it? if yes then don't worry about it. but if you notice her kinda pulling away then start doing your own thing.