What should I understand if my girl gives me gifts that are girly and not really appropriate for a man?

My girl likes gifting me things. That is good, but usually she picks up things that are more like things she would like and not things i would like. for example, if she buys a card for me, she gets it pink. And the other day, she gave me a girly cup. And so on. What should I understand of this? Is it that she just has a hard time buying gifts or is there a deeper issue? is she thinking only about herself, for example?


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  • Maybe she wants you to think of her when you use them and she sees herself as girly? It really is a tough situation to work out what to do. You never want to tell someone their gift is undesirable. All I can think is if you maybe said hey babe I love all these gifts you get for me. Can I go with you to pick one out for you next time you go? Set like a 5$ limit for one another and wander around together showing her things you like so she can learn your taste and do the same for her so she doesn't feel left out.


What Guys Said 1

  • Girls have a hard time getting gifts for guys. If you say "hey I love these things but I do think they are a tad girly for my taste" then you might straighten things out OR ask what prompted her to get the things and go from there