My boyfriend said he wants to get to know more about each other he wants us to know more about each other how do should I do this?

My boyfriend said he doesn't want our relationship to be all about sex so he wants to start finding more ways to get to know each other I`m just trying to think of some good ways to do this when I asked what else he wanted to know he said just tell me about your day like its story I want to be able to open up with him more and have been working on it but I feel like I could maybe do more and say more I just don't know how to go about it any ideas? could use the help please.



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  • You should be thankful that you have a guy like that. Honestly, guys are just all about having sex with girls these days. So if you had a guy who wants more than just sex, it means he thinks that you could be the one, but ofc he need to make sure of it LOL. So I guess, have some private time between the two of you. Have dates like go to the amusement parks, the beach, go to cinemas or have a picnic in a park, or just watch movies at his house. But if you wanna avoid that awkward vibe, just go out with him, and bring his friends and yours along. That way you'll get to know him more. Be open, go with the flow. But dont tell everything, just to be sure that you truly trust him or not

    • Yes I am for sure very grateful he is like this he said sex is one of the last things he thinks about he has had me meet his friends a few times now and a few of his friends now are more comfortable around me it seems like and i think we will deff try some of this stuff some more it we have been together for almost 5 months now so I feel it is important to do this I think he knows I am trying as well tho he remembers the small things like when my cousin was in the hospital he was asking me a lot how he was when we hung out it makes me feel good cause I know he's listening to me and I make sure I listen and do the same for him I just think there could be more that we can talk about but yes I will be careful as I will only say what I think should be said and thanks I will talk to him about doing this :)

    • No problem

    • Ok :)


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  • Do things together. And talk. Can be about your day, thoughts, opinions, dreams you had last night, what you do or talk about with your friends, parents, siblings, family, school, work, the list goes on.

    • Hmm yeah I will try that some more we have done some new stuff together for hanging out but I still feel like there could be more said thanks :)

  • Play 20 questions.


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  • You don't always have to verbalize to get to know someone. Just simply doing different activities together and seeing how you two interact during them is another way to get to know you.

    • Hmm true lately he's been bringing his homework with him and he's been trying to joke more then normal I will try to do this thanks :)

    • No problem :)

    • ok :)