Am I being too picky?

Hi girls (and guys),

I am wondering if I am being picky. You know, I had relationships, but it was not what I had expected from. Especially mentally. When I came home from work, I wanted to talk / Skype (or whatever) with my girl so that I can tell her what I have done all day and see her face. And I would love to hear what my future girlfriend want to say to me (about her day, feelings etcetera). This, combined with a cute face and I am all over you... but the thing is: I never can't find this combination. You know, a lovely bookwurm, a cutie that smiles like the sunshine, a person who you would love to see every frickin' day.

Am I too picky or am I not looking good enough?


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  • That kind of girl is def out there. You just have to find her!

    • Thanks for your response. I hope I will find her soon. I don't want to give up on my criteria.


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  • That girl exists :). You many never know maybe the girl your looking for has been under your nose the whole time. Don't give up on the girls there, you don't know who you may just come across :). Good luck!

  • you'll find her but sometimes the less you look the more you find.


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