How often should you see a girl when you first start dating?

Met this girl just about a month ago during our college winter break. We have hung out 4 times total so far with each time her asking me and me saying yes. Each time we have hung out it has been is going to parties and us spending the night with each other. The most recent time we saw each other was this weekend when I spent Friday and Saturday night with her at her friend's apartment. We have plans to see each other again not this weekend because we both have plans but next weekend (10 days). I'd like to see her before then but I'm concerned that if I ask her to hang out this week that it may be too much of seeing each other in a short time (3 times in 7 days). At the same time she mentioned over this weekend that we should grab something to eat this week... I'm conflicted.


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  • You should ask her! The worst thing she could do is say no and make up an excuse. She probably wants to hangout more but doesn't want to ask because she doesn't want to seem more interested then you. You should ask her so she knows you actually want to spend time with her :)


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  • Considering that all your previous hangouts were initiated by her, it seems safe to say that she wants to spend time with you.

  • Once or twice a week?