My boyfriend can act a bit childish sometimes, am I focusing on details and should I just let it go?

My boyfriend is a few years younger than me, but in conversations he's mature and older than his age. We can talk about anything. But sometimes I catch myself thinking he's a bit childish, well, to me it seems childish, it could seem enthusiastic or open or extraverted to others.
Like today: we had lunch together and I finished it all, he checked my plate and went all: "oh you finished everything, well ain't that a good little girl!" but in the tone of voice like talking to a child.
Maybe he's trying to compensate the age difference? Oh I don't know. An ex of mine was a bit childish (doing a happy dance when he was happy and other things) and I broke up with him because I had the feeling I was dating someone with the mentality of a child. I don't want history to repeat itself but sometimes it annoys me, though I don't want him to change.
I know this sounds weird (annoyed by something but don't want him to change) but I'm afraid it'll annoy me so much my feelings for him will change.


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  • It was just a joke. Live a little