How to have my crush ask me out?/ but there is one problem we have never really talked?

I really like this guy we had a class together and we had to be together for a couple of projects. The first time he was really red and wouldn't even look at me in the eyes even when i was talking to him. He was also strutting. The second time he also wouldn't look at me when he was talking i looked at him but he wouldn't make eye contact with me. We dont have a class together anymore but i see him in the halls and i see him sometimes staring at me but i try not to make eye contact because im shy and he also shy i think. I really like him and just want to date him ugghhh,, any advice?/


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  • keep advancing toward him. Baby steps at first. keep saying hi to him. until he starts saying Hi back. then move on to small talk. Drop hints ("I can't believe I'm SOOO single right now, I realy wish someone would just ask me out already!"). when taking start touching him. Hold his arm, slap his shoulder.

    and can you answer my most recent question please!


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  • I know you're going to hate what I'm about to say that you have to talk to him or at least make yourself notice if not its never going to happen. so smile at him even if it kills you.