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We're 15 been together two months we just started saying I love you to each other. We haven't kisses yet, I think she enjoys hanging out with her friends more than me. Which is cool to a certain level, anytime I try to get close to her at school, her friends basically drag her off willingly. Like there was a fire alarm today and we just started talking and when it went off Her and her friends was already walking the other way, I didn't saying anything, also she is shy of taking pictures. So when her friends say lets take a picture of us together she says no I'm shy and that's cool but when I leave they start posting pictures on Instagram and snaochat of them together they just toke. Like wtf Im getting annoyed by this, What should I do? I do love her but I don't no anymore.


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  • So first I have a question. Do you hold hands, hug, etc? She might just be kind of nervous around you. A relationship at 15 is usually a first relationship. She might just be a bit weary. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. Its only been 2 months so id just say to give it time and see were it goes. Don't worry. She might not like taking pictures with you because she doesn't want people to know that she's dating people (if this is the case feel good that she is willing to date you even if people finding out is possible) or she might just not like taking pictures. Lots of the pictures I take with friends are really sudden and not planned. I wouldn't worry about that either. Don't worry about it. What will be, will be. Relationships are hard and confusing. If you're really worried about it just ask her. She can tell you whats up. If she doesn't trust you enough to tell you then my you should think about your relationship. But I'm betting if youd ask she would tell you. Good luck! I wish you luck in you're relationship.

  • Talk to her!


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