Please help I'm confused?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for a week today and he lives in Kansas and I live in Colorado. 875 miles away isn't too bad. We Skype whenever we can and its great. Yesterday he told me he gets really nervous when he Skype's me and he doesn't want to say the wrong thing! I don't know what to do!! I don't want him being nervous when we Skype!. I told him that I loved him and if he said the wrong thing I would 90% of the time forgive him! He still gets nervous help!! How can I make him not nervous?


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  • LOL... let me know when you find out... i like my women honest and open even if they have to tell me im stupid LOL... unfort its not as easy as saying trust me... i just say leave it be and that will go away over time... besides ure 14 u dont know what love is... im 27 I've got 2 kids and 5 years of relationships and i dont really know what love is... a relationship isn't made with love its build with trust and commitment and understanding... and you can really do these things with someone you haven't met face to face before...

    sry to preach yo ya girly but your too young to be in love much less understand it... if love really exists then it is taking a bullet knowing you will not survive so they do... and not regretting it... love is being willing to work 2 jobs while going to school to provide a better life for your family... love is the willingness to walk through fire for the person you care about... its not a feeling you have for someone you haven't met but the things you do for that person... which makes it even harder to see and understand


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  • Well if you guyo have only been dating a week it's okay for him to be a little nervous most people are in the beginning but telling him u love him a week into the relationship is not gonna make him less nervous. That part takes time to develop. Give it sometime you're still young