Did I friendzone her or did she friendzone me?

There is this girl I been talking to for a year now. We have hung out went out to get some drinks. I was always attracted to her but I never thought she had interest in me. Fast forward a few months and a few times going out she gets this boyfriend that treats her like shit. She asks me what to do and stuff so I tell her she needs to move on from this loser. Anyways 2 months later he dumps her and she asks me to go out she needed to get out the house etc. So we do I thought damn this is where I make my move but I was like no she is recovery from a breakup 3 days prior. So I didn't now she has been acting weird. I don't know what to do it seems like I kinda friend zoned myself then friend zoned her. WTF do I do?


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  • It doesn't sound like either of you are "friend-zoned" at the moment. I say give her a bit more time to recover, then confess to her. Be gentle with that, though; I'm not sure how long it takes people to get over a bad relationship, but you don't want to come off as opportunistic.

    • Would asking her out next week be too soon and tell her I really need to talk be too much? I never felt this way about anyone before its kinda surreal. Part of me thinks she thinks the same way but I don't wanna like you say come off like I am taking advantage of the opportunity.

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    • Yup, I completely agree.
      You'll be alright, try not to overthink things (although everyone does), and good luck! :)

    • Yep thanks I needed advice but without her finding out. Hopefully everything turns out ok you helped relieve so much stress thank god for this site.


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  • Seems like you've been doing the right thing so far. She needs time and space to "recover" from her last relationship. If you are anxious about losing her then just make your feelings known but tell her you are willing to wait and give her time.

    • Yea I don't wanna come off as this guy trying to take advantage of her. At the same time I am worried she is gonna end up getting back with this jerk that obviously doesn't care for her. Sometimes we make something so simple so hard.

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    • I just hope she knows I do care. I don't want to come off as a guy just trying to lure her back into my bed. She means more than that to me I just got to make sure I don't screw it up.

    • Yeah, well I think it helps that you've shown great support and understanding towards her so far. And she seems to possibly like you too so that always helps ;)

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  • It's a dream within a dream... no she friendzoned you. She's the atypical girl who hooked up with a douche, got burned then wanted to use you for self-affirmation or a rebound at best. You deserve better.