Is she crazy? Mental issues?

My older sibling of 28 doesn't work, go to school, no career, no friends, no life, no money, piles of debts, doesn't go anywhere besides the local supermarket, sits all day behind the internet, has a 'internet' lover, she hates everyone, acts like a teen, growing up she always felt entitled to anything, would cause rivals, controlling, scream etc. She s always been a difficult person to be around with, our mom keeps making excuses for her, she want to kick her out but won't do it, she keeps smacking doors , in other words a hermit. Im 22 and going to school and i work but for my iwn sake i dont act like that! Whats wrong with her? Its been going for 7 years now. Is she crazy?


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  • First of all, never call someone with mental health issues crazy. Do you know how offensive and ignorant that is? Your sister may have depression or bi polar. But she may also just be extremely unmotivated. Either way there is something wrong and as her brother you should try to be helping her instead of bitching about her.

    • You dont get it... we tried helping, nothing works, she screams, smacks doors and refuses to get help. Im not willing to help her cause all her life she has been spoiled, she just wants people too think something is wrong when in fact she doesn't want to grow up

    • She could seriously be mentally ill. The best thing you could do for her is to try to be understanding and have a serious sit down with her, maybe just her and your mom, and go through the symptoms of different mental illnesses to see if he actually has one. If she doesn't, then you know it's just her attitude. And even then you should try to help her. She's your sister! She's your blood!


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  • Crazy /=/ Mentally ill.

  • I think she has some problem, maybe internet addiction. There are some programmes about this on TV, internet addiction may cause that behaviour.