Getting back into the dating game after 5 years. I need a woman's and a man's opinion on this?

Well i became single about 7-8 months ago after a 5 year relationship. She was my first love, but anyways recently there has been a young lady who has caught my eye. We both have the same major in college and she became single around the same time I have. Well I seen her around and she followed me on Twitter, I messged her, got her number. Come to find out we have a class together. We chat and what not. She starts to favorite all my tweets and liking all of my photos on IG.

Well when we text she texts short messages and she says key words that make me sound that I'm FriendZoned. and etc. Well I asked her to get sushi and she said "yeah dude of course." Usually when we lay eyes she smiles, but it seems she just is a flirt and nothing else. I don't mind it at all but it's been so long since I've done this flirting thing. She says she happy single, and her 2 year relationship didn't end too well. I just need a refresher on this flirting game because usually girls try and flirt but if I have no interest in them I don't partake in it lol. Any advice would help! Thanks.


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  • If she's outspoken about her relationship ending badly and that she's happy being single at the moment, you should leave her out of your "flirting plan" for the moment. I'd even say back away from her since she's "sore-property".

    My tip is: DO NOT use texts as a means of communication with her.


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  • Go out for the sushi date. Don't focus on trying t get her to like you, or don't focus on getting laid. Just get to know her. The term "be yourself" is cliche for a reason. Who knows. Maybe you hit it off. Just dnt force anything.

  • You talk to her in. Person and say "would you like to go one date this Saturday?"