Couldnt spot a player to save my life?

I've known this guy for about 6 months now.. He always showed a lot of interest, looking for excuses to be near me compliment me often etc. About a week ago he asked me on a date, and I was being unsure and freaked out ended up saying I'll think about it. We got to spend some time that day alone and he was being really funny and sweet, we texted some this week, and plan on meeting tonight. I know he had been with many girls.. And I just can't figure out if he was playing them all or did it just not work out? Also is he just genuinely a smooth interesting cool guy that just knows what to say and when, or is he just well practiced at fooling girls? Are there signs?


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  • There is a simple way to deal with this and that's just don't sleep with him. If he's a player he will lose interest and leave. If he genuinely likes you he won't.


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  • Never judge a guy on his past, you could be the girl he settles down with :)

    There's only one way to find out, but don't be put of by what could happen.
    Things never go the way we plan haha.