How to cheer up?

I went on a date yesterday and it didn't go well , we decided not to meet again because the chemistry was missing. But it sucked because we talked for a week before we met and it was fun and now im back to basic and i feel so alone


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  • At least you're in the hunt!


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  • Don't be afraid. Its better not to force something that was not present from the get go. You need to be happy alone before you can be happy in a relationship :)

    • Ia m but im alone all the time.. and it sucks when finally u get to meet someone

    • I completely understand. I've been on that boat, however if it didn't work out don't beat yourself up. There will be other guys for you to will meet.

    • I know i know but it just sucks :p

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  • Don't feel bad, sweetie, feel Glad that it was just one 'Date yesterday' and not some relationship that you both had gotten into, and instead of Feeling 'Alone,' you would now be nursing A----Broken heart as we speak.
    You will find that in the dating world you are going to go through many disappointments. A good lesson to learn, while you still feel burned, is don't wear your heart on your sleeve and expect the worse but hope for the best... you do this from now on with all the rest until the Right one comes along.
    Good luck and cheer up... watch a good movie and let all your cares fade away today... Single mom's club is a great way to start. xxoo