Men Can you give flirting tips?

Men how do you" know" when a woman is into you? Im shy and not good with flirting. Can you give me some tips? Thanks lol.;)


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  • Well if you're shy, I don't know if you're willing to do the obvious flirting moves.

    Do you still want to know them?

    • Well here they are...

      Eye contact- Maintain it for as long as you can in a conversation or look for his gaze across the room.

      Laughing- If he says something slightly funny just go ahead laugh it's positive reinforcement

      Touching- While you're laughing you might as well give him a light touch on his chest or arms and say: you're so funny
      Hug him when you see him, it's makes you guys get to a more personal and intimate level.
      A girl that's crushing on me loved to be playful and punch me (lightly) on my back or arms it was really cute to be honest lol

      Try to make plans to hang out together, not a date but to show him you enjoy his company

    • How do you feel about those? Could you see yourself doing it?


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  • If you're shy then avid making the 1st move... unless you "practice" yourself being less shy... the best solution is to say what's on your mind, without minding what other people will respond

  • How do i know? If she is shy i think by seeing her become more nervous while near me.
    tips? The easiest one are smile , or u could learn more body languages..

  • Eyecontact plays the most important roll
    -try to brush your hand while passing him
    -try to bump into him more often
    -flashing him smile when you see him

    All works

  • Go up to him and say "I am soooooo drrruuunnkkk!" Then be like "I want some freeennchh tooooaasstt!"

    • Seriously, eye contact, and smiling mostly. Flirting usually consists of a conversation with touching (maybe on the arm or hand) involved including the things already mentioned.

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  • I guess if you're shy you can look at him and smile. If you know him and he talks to you keep looking into his eyes. I guess that could tell a guy you're somehow into him lol.