Anybody help, what happened? I don't understand?

I've dated the most beautiful and sweetest girl I've ever known for a year and a half. I've always felt so close with her and love her so much and really think she's the girl I'm going to marry some day. And I know lots of you will think that's crazy but I can't help but feel that god pushed us together and made us for each other. But anyways, recently I've felt like it might be a huge mistake. I feel less connected with her than usual and it's like when we are together, we're just going through the motions. I also feel deep down that I don't deserve her. Like that I should just be alone. And she wants so much from me that I don't think I could give her if we ever did get married. She says she loves me but I can't help but think she will find someone else interested in her and leave me for him. Why do I feel like this and what can I do about it?


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  • It's look like u r good but over between good guy and stupid guy small difference so dont be the stuped sorry for my word

    What u mean u dont deserve her? Dont think like that since u think god made both of u togther so remove that idea from ur mind that u dont deserve her.

    And just enjoy ur time with her and dont cheat her if u really into her and do ur best just do ur best and everything will be fine dont over think about it



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  • Maybe just talk to her about your conflictions. My boyfriend is the same way with me heading off to college, but I completely love him and have no interest for anyone else.

  • you do deserve her, if you feel like that then remove that from your mind! just enjoy the time you spend with her and don't worry about the future just yet, you still have plenty of time

  • why is it a mistake if you love her your a knob now go marry her and stop being so me me and lame


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