Is this strange?

So there is this guy im interested in and he knows of me and i know if him but we dont talk. I heard him say im cute and he even asked my morher about me. Anyways wuld it be weird to ask him out on a date? My friends say it's weird cuz you dont really know him but to me that is how you get to know someone you like:/

So i found out je is in a relationship:/ now what?


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  • I'm all for women empowerment, asking guys out included! Go ahead, ask him out! Its not weird at all. Good luck!

    • But it's highschool:/ everyone will talk about it and i culd see why he wuld say no cuz we r not friends but that is hiw you get to know someone

    • So what if everyone talks about it? Only HIS opinion matters.


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  • It's not weird, as you say, that's how you get
    to know someone, in the first place.

    If you like this guy, don't let your friends
    thoughts get between you and him. ^.^


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  • I know you may have feelings for him, but do NOT go for a guy that's in a relationship. If I were in your place I'd try to become friends with him first. Most relationships don't last, so try and wait to see if they'll be together for a while. If you think they're going to be together for a long time, then it's time to find a new guy. Don't worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea :)

  • Good idea. You are the one wth bigger balls to break the ice.