How to approach a girl at a night club?

i am new to night clubs and i would like to know how to approach girls in one


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  • Like the previous guy said, not many girls want to be approached, well the non slutty ones anyway.

    In my opinion, if a guy smiled at me and somewhat introduced himself (I know that this can be hard with the loud music but it's still doable) i'll definitely give him my time.

    I know this is slightly weird but from experience and also experiences from my girlfriends, when a guy is confident and introduces himself with a handshake or a hug, it works every time.

    Also try not to be too drunk, that's a turn off. And just be a chilled guy, no girls wants a clingy creep following her. Just act normal and you'll be fine.

    • thanks that was really helpful


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  • Offer a drink. But honestly, most girls are not looking for one night stands and will probably reject your attempts.


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  • Are you looking for one night stands or a serious relationship? Serious relationships generally don't come from meeting someone at a night club usually only one night stands do. Also generally most girls that I have come across do not want to be approached in night clubs by guys. They just want a fun night out with their female friends and are not interested in guys approaching them. That has been my experience.

    • you think that they don't want to get approached but believe me they are dying to be approached think about they are all dressed up with make up and everything they claim it's a night out with their girlfriends but most of them are there to hook up

    • It is true not many girls want guys approaching them at night clubs. They just want a fun night out with their female friends. If you want to meet girls there are far better places to be meeting them than nightclubs.

  • sure.

    put her some sleeping pills in her drink, then carry her home.

    (don't do anything foolish , eh? )

    • hahahaha that's a nice idea definitely gonna try that out

  • Tell her: hey lady, wanna see the Big Ben?