He says he's into me, but he's still checking his tinder profile?

I met this guy on tinder back in June. He would message me every once in a while and just recently we really started talking. We get along so well, have a lot in common, are both really attracted to eachother, Skype every night and he makes comments all the time about how he eventually wants my son and I to come be with him (he's military and currently lives in Montana). He's coming to visit in 2 weeks, but something that's really bothering me is that he constantly checks his tinder profile. I asked him if we were on the same page about what we wanted and he says yes, that he'said always talking to me and working so when would he have time to meet others, etc. But the point is, I'm in NE, he's there. There's plenty of time for him to, and if I didn't think this was worth it I wouldn't even attempt a LDR but I'm beginning to wonder. What do I do? I don't think he's being honest with me.


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  • He's into you but he still wants to see what other fish there are in the sea


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  • He's searching for options if things in the future won't go well with you.
    That's why real world dating is many times successful as compared to dating through Internet Apps.


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  • He's not THAT into you.

  • He's still on the hunt then! He's not into you