Show the emotions or no?

This is really two-sided question, aimed primarily at girls.
Are guys expected to be the "Stonewall", always hiding negative emotions and things like that, or would you want a guy to tell you about all the bad things that are happening to him? I've tried both, and neither has ended well. And this is primarily in the category of when you're in/looking to be in a relationship.


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  • Maybe not all the bad things... but the ones on your mind the mist, dragging you down? Yeah, I'd like to know. Granted, I'm not going to push. Guy friend, took 2 days to respond to a question, followed up with "I'm sad" but when I asked if he minded saying why, he said he didn't want to talk about it, so I backed off. If he eventually wants to say something, I'll listen. Otherwise, its not my business provided when we're together its not affecting things we're talking about/doing.


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  • If a girl tells you she's there for you, you can open up to her. If not, telling her your sorrows may scare her away.

    Would you look at mine please? Thanks!

  • I want him to tell me all the things that are putting him down. I would really want to help him. It will show me that he believes that I am here for him and stuff.

  • Show when you trust


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