How would you describe 'casual dating'?

Mainly, would that still be exclusive or not? I feel like to me this just means its not to involved, but still kind of exclusive dating but I am not sure.


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  • Your dating but there aren't really rules yet and you aren't really official. So when you first start dating and it's before you've decided to be exclusive, open, or even together. Basically your just making it up as you go. Or your in a spring fling kind of relationship and you both no it's temporary so once again your just hanging out

    • We are kind of in a situation where we will both be moving to different places at the same time in about 8 months, so it is kind of like like that. But do you think it would be fare to still want some exclusivity? I don't like to date multiple people at the same time and I don't know how I would feel if she was, not that there is anything wrong with it, just I don't like it for myself.

    • No you can set up some boundaries, but it doesn't have to seem (or at leat) won't seem as serious as a long term relationship. I think the no rules thing is more of a beginning stages of a relationship. But if it's short term then you should still set up boundaries or at least discuss them

    • Thanks for the input, that's kind of what I want, boundaries but not long term.


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  • Casual dating to me is going out for dinner, events or movies, hand holding, kissing and no more. Once you build a relationship and things become physical it isn't casual anymore and is exclusive.

    • things are already physical actually, but I think we are both a bit more chill in that department.

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    • Sometimes a woman (those that see their body as a currency in worth) will do that because it's how she knows she can attract and keep a guy. Not saying she's doing that but be forewarned because if this happens she's already emotionally involved far more than you are. ;)

    • I hope thats not the case here because that is sad, but I am actually the one who wants to be exclusive, I don't date more than one person at a time.

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  • You go on dates, but there's no exclusivity or obligation to the other person.

  • It's usually what people do when they don't have a significant other and they try to date as many people as they can in order to find someone they are compatible with.

  • Going out in the city. Talking about random stuff. Eating food. Watching a movie (optional). Taking a walk in the park (optional). And mostly having fun. :)