What should I do about my stalker problem?

There is this guy at my school, who is a junior. I am in 8th grade. This guy used to talk to me all the time, I was never really sure why but it wasn't unusual for older kids to talk to me. My friends and I would walk in the hallways and he would start a conversation, and over time he started getting really clingy. He would say things like "I saw you in studio art today, what a beautiful drawing," and things like that. started seeing him more and more, I am now realizing he memorized my schedule. My best friend is clueless when it comes to this, and he DMed her on instagram, asking her if i liked him. I don't, at all. She thought it would be funny to lead him on by saying, "i can't tell that secret," or whatever. They talked for like four hours about me, and he admitted he thinks im hot and likes me. She showed me some of the messages and he remembered what I wore to school, which I thought was super weird because i didn't remember what i wore, and most guys don't do that. Then he started saying he has a gf, but they never see each other because of their schedules or whatever. He is now planning on breaking up with her to be with me.
With anyone else I would just politely tell them that im not interested but this guy is different. He was suspended for saying awful things about Muslims and was kicked out of his last school for sexual harassment claims. Those girls all look like me. I dont know what to do, especially because of how much older he is.


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  • Have him put the gloves on after school with one of your guy friends and tell him you either back off or you go a few rounds with this guy, whats your choice.

    • haha a lot of my guy friends are like really protective of me, so i have a feeling they would have no issue. Im honestly just afraid he will shoot up the school. I wish i was kidding or over exaggerating.

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    • It has been going on since the beginning of the school year last year, it got bad around November that year.

    • Seek out help friend


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  • your probably reaching alittle that all those girls look like you. you will be fine don't call him a stalker yet. it really isn't cool that your friend led him on. try to drop the hint to him that you have a bf. and be understanding to him

    • They don't all look exactly like me but, my height, about my weight, brown eyes, and the same hair color and length. There were three of them with those traits. He has been watching me at school since last year in September. I agree it wasn't cool, and i'm pissed about it.

    • maybe that's just his type. doesn't mean your on some hit list lol.

    • still freaking creepy.. our names also all start with the same letter.

  • Tell him to back off.

    • Im afraid that might provoke him

    • If you don't show any signs or indication that you have no interest in him, he'd still chase you as if you're playing the "game".

    • I have already told him that i like someone else, which is true (I like Zac Efron) and he hasn't gotten the point yet.

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  • Pepper spray him.

    • Im pretty sure pepper spray is illegal and will get me kicked out of school

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    • I wish it was that easy. I have a feeling that wouldn't stop him.

    • I don't know... threatening or harming him might not be a good idea. Have you thought of talking to the principal about this stalker of yours?