Should I consider this a "date"?

This guy I worked with and which I am very attracted to has shown me signs that he might be into me as noticed by my co-workers, he stares, and smiles at me all the time, and not to mention says hi to me 15 times a day, he also says my full name which no one else does which shocked me at first, but I find it so sweet now. Normally it's shorten to Beth instead of Bethany... anyways... we were talking about food and I said I had never tried Indian food before and he slipped into the convo "Well if you want we can go after work one of these days, so you can try it, I can help you order!" which I let him know that I would check my schedule and let him know... long story short, I chose a date and let him know and he agreed, and just two days later while I passed him in the locker room he said "Don't forget we are having dinner on Thursday!" which... never have I met a guy who reminds me of dinner plans? Normally I remind the guy... surprise... again... he's so different, I love it. But should I consider this a date?

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  • Personally I choose no because he kind of did it casually it seemed like something a friend would do however the more I thought about it I realized if a girl was my friend I wouldn't have arranged to go get dinner with them quite a while later in the week so it could be seen as a date if you like this guy you should probably tell him you like him he likes you a lot as a friend so he'll probably be down to go on a 100% real date.

    • Thank you for your honest response!!! :) To be honest, I didn't put all the details on the question, so it wouldn't be so long... but the dinner is actually scheduled for Thursday the 19th, since it was the only day when I don't have school or boot camp, and when he reminded me he said the date and everything. When I scheduled the date with him he let me know he was going to be free for the next 2 months, since he will not be going down to his hometown... and I didn't even ask him! So it's not really the casual... "hey want to have dinner tonight or Thursday?". I do like him a lot, and if I get the guts, I will just tell him eventually. Thank you!!!

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    • Thanks for MHO :) <3 Hope it works out for you :)

    • No problem, and Thank you!!! :-) I hope it works out too, we will see how things go after that "date" :-)


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  • I voted yes but it's really hard to tell tbh. I've done similar stuff with girls that I consider a friend.

  • It's a date.


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  • He's into you for sure! How sweet!!!

    Would you look at some of my questions please? Thanks!

  • yes, definitely a date, he is totally interested in you