Best songs to slow dance to?

my bf and I have never slow danced with each other so I was wondering, what are some good slow dance song suggestions? or a song you remember slow dancing too? Doesn't have to be lovey dovey but still nice at least.


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    This gives some pretty good suggestions.

    • The Link is to a playlist per decade, this is just the first video, specifically the 70s.

    • Thanks for the link! Surprisingly I knew quite a bit they suggested from the 70s era.

    • Also I think I would have to say after going through the different eras, I do like most the choices in the 2000s, but the 90s pick made me all nostalgic since Im a 90s baby. Definitely my fav. Thanks these really helped!


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  • One I can sing along with while we dance :) I like swing life away by rise against, and you found me by the fray, and here you me by jimmy eat world. Basically slow songs that aren't country songs ;)

    • That's funny because I have all those songs on my iPod and I guess I never thought of them. I think Here you Me might be the best of those three. Thanks.

    • Ya it has a good beat. Very fun to dance to slow while cooking with my gf. I am sure there are others but they didn't come to mind. Had me at hello by A Day to Remember maybe?

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  • iv never danced but one suggestion i have is Unbreakable by Westlife. it is lovey dovey tho. sorry lol.

  • Harlem shake