What should I do after our first date? Help desperately needed?

So last night I went to a restaurant and the cinema with the guy I've been texting for a while. It was the first time we'd met and we got on well - he was really sweet, but I just found him hard to talk to so I had to take control of the whole night, and for me this would be a big issue if we had a relationship. Now he's asking if I can see relationship potential and if I want to go out with him more because he likes me, but I don't know what to do because he may have just been shy as it was our first date, however I really don't want to hurt his feelings and I think that if I see how a second date would go I would be leading him on, help?


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  • Do a second date for crying out loud. I was really surly after the last girl I dated put me in the undateable category after the first date, since I don't like making moves on the first date, I was waiting for the second. But noooooo.. lol

    Give the guy a chance!


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  • Go on the second date. See where it goes.

  • 2nd date.


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