In highschool don't you tend to date the more popular people?

What I'm saying is after high school doesn't more dating open up or not, in school to date the more popular guys or the prettier girls is to me what goes on does this go away after you get in the real world?


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  • Sweetie your going out into the real world which consists of responsibilities and making it in this world! Well what do you think happens when you enter the world? People change and so do girls and guys although some guys are still immature (no offense) but trust me on this even if you don't to believe it - high school sweethearts don't last! Popularity is gone and never even existed - people well actually kids make it up just to see who got the most looks NOT IQ but looks that's all popularity is really based on in high school, in the real world popularity is different! Years of happiness in high school and best friends may not even be there for you through tough times! So all that you kids believe in is really sometimes made up, didn't want tot put you down - sorry if I did but that's the reality of life!


What Guys Said 1

  • Def. When you get to college there are no popular people. There are just people with common interests and people who don't share those interests. Much more friendly. We always make fun of the freshmen cause they tend to hold on to the high school judgy-ness for a semester or so. It goes away though and everyone tends to get more relaxed with dating. People who aren't smooth in high school <---- cough. This guy. Cough. Learn how to pick up girls. Really not that hard when you get your confidence.

    Also in my experience people get more attractive in their 20's , so the pool of good looking girls is huge!

    Maybe that's just uconn (playboy's #1 party school so many times in a row it was retired haha)