Would you date your moms ex boyfriend?

Would you date your moms ex boyfriend? Details - you & him are only 2 years apart in age difference, you liked each other & were close friends till he stupidly hooked up with your mom ( she's the "aww we could pass for sisters" type) he ended it because it upset you... he was your first love & you were his now years later he's back in the picture & there's feelings but you know... he banged your crazy mom that one time... what to do?


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  • ... I cannot imagine a world where this would be a thing... but no. I wouldn't touch any guy who had been with my mother.

    Thankfully my mother and father are married so there's no boyfriend :p


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  • To play devil's advocate or just a different opinion from these other people. Why not? Your mom is just another woman out there. (Easier to say then to actually separate the difference) And he's probably been with several other women. If he hasn't and it was just your mom well, GL with the decision. I'm honestly just bored and sick only reason im answering this. Can't sleep lol.

  • So you want to date a man that has jizzed in your mom, and then you want him to jizz in you?

    As a guy, I would never ever date my ex's daughter..

  • OMG that would be awesome. Then when you're done and laying there cuddling you can have small talk like..."Sooo was I tighter than my mom?", "Whose tits do you like better?"


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