When a guy says he does not know?

This is the situation, I am attending college online but lately I have started having problems with my academic counselors keeping me in the loop of what is going on with my academics. Because of this issue, I have had my graduation date changed four different times, I can not start my class that I should be in now because of miss communications and my adviser not returning my phone calls and emails, so long story short I am looking to possibly transfer colleges, and going from being an online student to a traditional on campus student. I let this guy I am dating know what is going on with all of this academic stress. I asked him what would happen to us if I ended up transferring schools, (I would be 3 hours from my house and 4-5 hours from his) and he said he did not know. Is that a bad sign?


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  • maybe he is just confused he likes you but he doesn't know if he can handle distance talk to him and try to work something out.


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  • Either or he is still thinking about it